A Birth Story

Like fingerprints that are unique to each individual, every woman too has an uniquely personal story of how she came into motherhood. The words that came to my mind when I think of the birth I wanted are: love, intimacy, and connection. I envisioned giving birth in a home filled with love, a space that is safe and sacred, with a connection to all those who have walked this path before me and a visceral connection to life and death itself.

My clean bill of health prior to being pregnant coupled with an uneventful pregnancy made me a prime candidate for a homebirth. Instead of attending a birthing class, I read Ina May books and made Peter watch every documentary there is on natural childbirth. We listened to birthing podcasts and read upon just about every topic related to childbirth. If any couple was prepared for a homebirth, it would be us. Everything became more real as we rounded the corner on the third trimester and installed the birthing tub in our dinning area after week 37. Still, I knew all along that life unfolds in mysterious ways. We may not always get the birth we wanted or planned for but if all goes accordingly, we get what we need.

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