No Sleep Until I’m With My Baby

It has been three days since I saw and held my baby. I start each day with a good cry. To people who tell me to stay at the hospital longer to rest better, they don’t understand that there is no rest without my baby. Sleep comes when I sleep next to my baby. Contentment comes when I nurse my baby. My heart is full when I hold my baby. There is no other peace.

The hospital is like a morbid amusement park. Just as when I thought I had gone on all the rides, the doctors ordered one more, the MRI, to take a closer look at my spleen. Since spleen infection is a very rare condition for a relatively unimportant organ, the doctor primarily focused on ruling out more severe causes, such as blood clot and endocarditis. With all of the other tests coming back as negative, we are back to pursuing the only lead from the cat scan.  Having never had any of these tests before, I thought, sure why not check one more off the list.

A nice father of three girls came to wheel me to the MRI room. The room was cold but the technicians were warm.

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