Hiking with IV

Hiking with IV


Who says being on IV treatment means I should stay home all day long? Using a PICC line seemed intimidating at first but it is actually pretty straight forward after we got the hang of it. Of course, to go out and have a little fun while on three IVs a day take a bit of craziness and creativity, or crazitivity.

With the warm weather over the weekend I suggested that we try a mini hiking/camping trip at a nearby park. I packed enough medicine and equipment needed to administer IV for 24 hours . Unfortunately, this being a last minute decision, we showed up to a full site without a camping reservation. Instead, we took a short hike to a view point and drove further out to camped at a different site. I figured we might as well since we are finally out with all of our stuff.

Owen did well in his carrier and slept for most of the way. Having spent so much time being sedentary in the last couple of weeks, I felt out of breathe even on a small incline. There were already a small assembly of people admiring the view from the top of the hill. When we showed up, they turned their attention to admire our baby. We didn’t mind the attention. Someone walked by and said, “got to start them young!” I nursed Owen for a bit to keep him calm. Since we weren’t in a hurry to go anywhere, we sat on our picnic blanket for a bit at and took pictures of our little guy. Owen seemed happy and content.

It was time for my afternoon IV by the time we got back to the car. We took the stuff to a bench and hung the medicine bag on a trekking pole, lightweight and mobile, a perfect solution. We got it done without a glitch, although we might have scared away a few park visitors with all the syringes around.

The drive to the campsite was another story. Owen is still not tolerating car rides and I have a hard time tolerating his crying. I feel so helpless whenever that happens since there is not much I could do to calm him in a moving vehicle. We stopped half way on a 40 minute drive so I could nurse him for a bit. It helped, for a short while. We had to toughen it out the rest of the way until we get to the campsite.




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