More Delays

We are supposed to be on the PCT already! Had we started on our original departure date we would be 150 miles into the SoCal desert by now, somewhere between Warner Springs and Idyllwild. Instead we are delayed by one medical surprise after another. First it was the unexpected c section, followed by a seemingly difficult recovery. Then all the pain, fatigue and fever turned out to be a rare spleen infection. The treatment plan went from a couple weeks of antibiotics, to six weeks of IV and then eight to ten more months of oral antibiotics. Needless to say, I’ve got ants in my pants. During the last couple of visits to the infectious disease doctor I’ve urged her to trim back my IV to four weeks. She had agreed to it last week based on the limited size of the spleen abscess on the MRI result. We were thrilled with the news and thought we could still get on the PCT from the southern terminus based on the new late start date, especially considering it’s been an above average snow year in the Sierra. Unfortunately, at today’s visit, the doctor decided it is still best to complete the six week treatment due to my continued high sedimentation rate shown on my weekly blood test. The news is crushing. I can’t help but to feel defeated.

There is a very small window to hike the PCT in any given year. Our chance of a NOBO thur hike has closed for the year. If all the medical stuff goes well, we can still try to do a significant portion of it entering around South Lake Tahoe. That way we can skip the hot and dry desert and not worry about snow, altitude and high water crossing in the Sierra. Still, it won’t be a thru hike. The PCT won’t be going anywhere in the foreseeable future. We just won’t always have the chance to hike it. To dedicate five to six months out of the year for hiking takes a lot of advance planning, not just for the hiking portion but also everything else. The bills have to be paid; cat has to be fed; insurance has to be extended; the list goes on. Before all this happened I felt we finally have everything lined up to go. But as things go, life has a different plan for us. Now we must wait and see what’s next.

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