Great Falls

It’s not even May yet and the temperature has already reached 90F. The only way to get any outdoor time around here is to get an early start. We did a quick hike around Great Falls this morning. Even though it was barely 80F the humidity made it very uncomfortable. I carried Owen in a Connecta, made of lightweight material with sun protection. Still, both Owen and I were drenched in sweat within the first couple of miles of hiking. We stopped to nurse and change diaper on the way. As we got closer to noon, we picked up the pace and raced back to the car for some much needed AC! Oh man, this is going to be a rough summer if we can’t get out to somewhere cooler soon!


We stopped by a Pakistani restaurant for lunch. Owen is able to stay calm and awake for longer stretches of time but it’s still intimidating to take him out to restaurants. We have tried a couple of different pacifiers (the WubbaNub and MAM) but can’t keep anything in his mouth for more than a few seconds at a time. At this point I’m not sure if it is worthwhile to purchase/try other pacifiers. Owen stayed in the car seat through half of my meal before getting fussy again. Peter tried to walk him around the restaurant but no luck. The only way to keep him calm is the breast. Thankfully I had them on me. Normally I have no hesitation to breastfeed in public. However, this time the restaurant was closing for an event just as we were finishing our meals and people started to arrive with women in hijabs. This made me felt slightly self conscious to breastfeed out of respect and courtesy. Still, I imagine anything is better than a screaming baby! I turned my back towards the small crowd and eventually put Owen back to sleep with nursing. No one seemed at all bothered by what I was doing. When Peter got up to get the check, the guy behind the counter congratulated him multiple times on our new baby. In fact, everyone seemed cordial when we left. It made me feel happy and welcomed. No one should have to feel bad to tend to their baby in public.


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