Two Months and a Few Days

People say kids grow up fast and Owen is no exception. We just passed the two-month mark but given how much has happened since Owen was born I can’t really say time has flown by. However, the little guy has grown quite a bit. He weighed 11 pounds and 7 ounces at the pedestrian’s office yesterday, 35 percentile for his age, up from 17 percentile a month ago. The pediatrician jokingly said Owen is turning into a little chunky monkey on my Haagen Dazs milk. He is now 23 inches long/tall (55 percentile) with head circumference at 15.25 inches (43 percentile). It is always reassuring to know that he is healthy and thriving.

There seem to have been a lot of talk about vaccinations in the last couple of years on whether they may cause long term side effects such as learning disability, autism, and even cancer. I don’t know if any of these claims are supported by scientific facts. I just can’t imagine allowing any kids be exposed to awful diseases like polio or meningitis when they can be easily prevented. While I am all for vaccination, I have thought about looking into a delayed immunization schedule. It seems sensible to not inundate a baby’s immune system with eight or more vaccinations at the same time. Besides, I always hear horror stories from new parents on how their babies suffer at these pediatrician visits. However, I never had time to look into this subject matter to have a strong opinion one way or another. The nurse explained to us that a couple of vaccinations have been combined together so Owen would only need two shots for the visit in additional to his second Hep B shot. Considering we might be traveling soon I felt it was appropriate for us to go ahead with the routine two-month vaccines for DTaP, Hep B, Polio, Hib/Influenza and Pneumococcal. The whole thing only took a couple of minutes. Owen did great tolerating all the shots, only letting out a couple of cries when the vaccines went in. I held and nursed him the entire time. We left the office with a calm baby and didn’t notice any immediate side effects in the following 24-48 hours.

We also had our last home visit with our midwife this morning. I had been holding Owen just before Desiree took our temperatures. It was sweet to know that we were both exactly 97.9F. We have loved every visit from Amiee and Desiree, so much so that I want to have another baby just so we could continue seeing them, heheh. They were more like friends to us rather than healthcare providers. They took their time to get to know us and were always respectful of our wishes. They truly understood and practiced informed consent for every decision we made while under their care. Even though I had a very uneventful pregnancy, we never had a visit under an hour. They were with me for 24 hours of labor and delivery. When I transferred to the hospital for labor, they went with me and advocated on my behalf whenever possible. It was so wonderful to have postpartum home visits for me and Owen so we didn’t have to leave home with our newborn. We stayed in daily communication throughout my spleen ordeal at the hospital. They really came through for us on finding a breastmilk donation when I couldn’t nurse Owen for a week. In the US only 1% of birth take place at home. The number of qualified midwives is rather limited and even outlawed in some states. We looked high and low for a midwife when we moved to NoVA. I feel so blessed to have found Ten Moons Midwifery.

While it is nice to chart Owen’s physical growth, Peter and I are even more delighted by his gestures and expressions. Our favorite time is in the morning when Owen seems most content and happy after a night of good rest and morning feeding. There are no better accompaniment to our morning coffee than his smiles and endless expressions. I remember feeling so happy to see him smile around week 5 and 6. Over the weekend I noticed he could focus on an object for a couple of minutes at a time rather than mere seconds. This made it easier for him to sit in a car seat while a wake. Yesterday he was able to look at a plastic bee hanging on his rocking chair and follow it with his gaze as I moved it around. This morning he reached out and grabbed a shaker for the first time. We cherish all these moments and more. I can look at his face for hours (and I do, with every waking moment). So while Owen may grow up fast, we will try our very best to capture every second of it.

In other news, my weekly blood test from yesterday showed a reduced sed rate from 61 a week ago to 32 (0-30 being normal). A small victory in this whole spleen ordeal I must say. This was the marker that had delayed my MRI and extended my IV treatment last week. Fingers crossed things will continue to improve.

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