End of Treatment

End of Treatment

I was running late to the doctor’s office this morning. It’s hard to time Owen’s feeding exactly right so he wouldn’t cry too much while I’m away. My heart was pounding. My mind was scattered. It reminded me of what it was like to have an anxiety attack.

Today marks the conclusion of six weeks of home IV via PICC line. I was supposed to go over my MRI results from last week with the infectious disease doctor. And even though my blood tests have been looking good for the last two weeks, I was still paranoid by the what ifs. People say don’t count your chickens until they hatch. I’ve always been a somewhat cautiously optimistic person. All the unexpected medical events this year have only reinforced that outlook.

I ran into the doctor’s office 15 minutes late only to get a perplexed look from the reception lady. “I don’t see any appointment scheduled for you,” she said. Oh no, here it goes, I thought, what now? The doctor who has been treating me was out of the office all day. It took a few minutes to have things sorted out so I could be seen by a different doctor. Thankfully things got back on track after that. The doctor agreed that I have done enough of the IV treatment to be switched to oral antibiotic. I had to inquire about my MRI results, which to both of our surprise showed “interval resolution in the multiobulated cystic collection in the lateral spleen with residual scarring.” In another word, I’m healed!!! The splenic abscess is completely gone! was elated by the news, even more so than ending the IV. It’s one thing to finally be able to travel but it wouldn’t be good to have a lingering illness that could potentially become serious again. I’ll continue to take 500mg of amoxicillin 3x a day to completely get ride of the mystery actinomyces. Although one doctor suspected it might have something to do with the IUD, no one knows exactly where this bacteria came from or how in the world it ended up in my spleen. I’m immensely thankful that it is gone because the alternative of having my spleen removed would not have been optimal for my general wellbeing. People tends to confuse my spleen problem with gallbladder. We actually need our spleen to stay healthy!

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