Letting Go

Letting Go

Things we shipped out today: five resupply boxes to trail and a large chunk of hair to Locks of Love.

I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to shave my head for years. Now is the perfect time to let go of those last few ounces of unnecessary weight. No hair on the trail = no maintenance and less chance of some critter making a home up there. The hairdresser was clearly more distressed about cutting my hair than I was. It was a gradual process with me repeatedly saying, shorter, shorter. Still, my hair is not nearly as short as I would like and now I look like a porcupine. Not to be enveloped by hair feel so liberating! I no longer have to keep putting it up and getting it out of the way when nursing and holding Owen.

We stamped the outside of our resupply boxes with Owen’s little footprint. They are cute. Five boxes. $148. Some to post office and some to hotels we plan to stay in. The shipping came out to be more than the cost of the content. But this is how through-hikers resupply in remote sections. Besides, we have to ship out more things like diapers and inserts for Owen. I sure hope to see the boxes again on the trail!

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