The Final Count Down

The Final Count Down

Here we go! All our gears are checked and packed. With four days of food our dry weight is 27 and 17 pounds. That’s actually pretty good for two and half people. Still, I’m already dreading carrying every ounce of it. Besides, it’s going to be a really killer once we load up on water. The hike starts with a 14.7 mile dry stretch from Campo to Hauser Creek. There may be a few very small seasonal flows in between but nothing we can or would count on. Our goal is to get to Hauser Creek to set up camp for the night. We plan to carry at least 10 liters of water between the two of us, 20+ pounds, yikes.


We had some last minute hesitation on the baby carriers, unsure which one will be better in the long haul, the Connecta or our homemade one. We have tweaked our carrier a couple of times to try to get the weight distribution right. Our original design was to attach the carrier directly to the pack straps via two buckles. After a few hikes I noticed the carrier was actually pulling the weight of the pack onto my shoulders instead of having the weight going down to the hip belt. We changed up the straps to cross in the back, similar to most soft structure carrier on the market. However, this made it more difficult to get it on and off of me with a fully loaded pack. We also don’t know which carrier is more comfortable for Owen. Our homemade carrier utilizes the hip belt from the pack so there are no additional straps around my waist. To wear the Connecta and my pack at the same time requires me threading the hip belt from my pack in between Owen and my belly. This doesn’t really appear to bother him since he sits in a slightly slouching position anyways. However I have no way to tell for sure, especially for the distance we’re going for. With lots of last minute things to wrap up before we leave there was no time to stress over this critical piece of gear. We decided to bring both carriers with us and sort it out on the trail. We should know by Mount Laguna on what works and was doesn’t. There we’ll have a chance to ship things back as well.

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