Hit the Ground Sick

I distinctly recall when we walked into the ER a couple of months ago due to what we later found out a serious case of spleen infection, one of the nurses took a look at me and Owen and asked, “you here for the baby?” “No, I’m the sick one.” I replied
From early on I’ve decided to trust that the baby is the strong one in the family. After all, he’s got a brand new set of everything on him while we are slowly wearing done our bodies. When people ask me about the hike I always say the baby’s going to make it as long as we stay healthy.
Having spent more time being sick than healthy since Owen was born, I knew I was the weakest link. I just didn’t expect it would happen so soon. We left the safe harbor of our home at 4am to catch a 6am flight to Detroit and then transferred for San Diego. Owen was great through both flights, no fuss at all. I was even able to catch a little sleep. Unfortunately, things took a dive for me during the last portion of the flight to San Diego. {CAPTION}

The cabinet was warm with no air circulation. My bad case of headache was soon combined with intense nausea. Near the end of the flight I was throwing up every drop of water in my tummy, three puke bags. I couldn’t wait to get off the plane yet I was in no shape to walk out. The attendant asked if I needed a wheelchair. I declined. Instead I stayed in the bathroom to empty out whatever is left in my stomach. We were the last ones to deplane. I was absolutely miserable, severely dehydrated and unable to keep down water. This is not how to start a hike in the desert.
It’s not uncommon for me to get sick on long flights. Things usually immediately improve when I get off the plane. However, this was not the case yesterday. I continued to throw up nonstop for much of the day. Peter started to get worried that I might be coming down with something but I know I just need a system reboot. Peter took Owen out for a walk so I could get some rest. Even though I was extremely thirsty I drank slowly trying to keep water down. When I finally stopped puking late in the afternoon I took a s-cap to replenish some salt and electrolytes. It also helped with my insane headache.
I didn’t get out of bed for the rest of the day and only got up to nurse Owen when he’s hungry. I also had to skip lunch and dinner even though I desperately needed to get some food. As the day turned into evening we realized that I wasn’t going to improve enough to head down to Campo at 3am. It was a wise decision to stay in SD for one more day to recoup and rehydrate. Thankfully our friend Scott was flexible enough to accommodate us.

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