Day Two: Lake Morena and Beyond

Day Two: Lake Morena and Beyond

We were both exhausted from the first day. I slept intermittently through the night. Peter and Owen seemed to have rested well. Our camp neighbor took a photo of us before I headed out with Owen around 9am. It’s more efficient for Peter to pack up the tent and catch up us. {CAPTION}

It’s a steady climb out of Hauser Creek. I didn’t channel the speedy demons like Scott Williams or Jurek. Instead I thought about the porters on Kilimanjaro. They walked slowly and steady, each step with deliberation and commitment. As they say in Tanzania, pole pole. {CAPTION}

I looked down the switch backs every so often and finally spotted two moving figures below. I can tell Peter from his black pack. He caught up with me not long after. {CAPTION}

The heat was once again upon us. I decided to use the umbrella to better shield Owen. The flies were out. Landing right on our BugShield hats. So much for the investment! I held the umbrella in one hand and swatted away flies with the other. It was so nice to catch the sight of the lakes on top of the ridge. {CAPTION}

Thankfully it’s only five miles to Lake Morena, where we will rest up at a campground to wait out the heat before putting in a few more miles for the day. The checkin guy was super nice and we were greeted by a PCT trail angel, Scott, at the designated PCT area. We immediately gave Owen a bath in a little bucket we had brought with us. He was cuter than cute! {CAPTION}

Peter walked with Owen and charged up the electronics while i did laundry by hand. It’s ridiculous to have to do that on day two but I did pee all over myself. Roughing it does not have to be dirty! I only have one shirt on my back and one pair of pants! We chatted up with other hikers we saw: a father and son SOBO team from Portland, Denise from Denver and Nora from Rochester, NY! {CAPTION}


We left camp around 6pm, hikes three miles and camped at mile 23. It was a pleasant walk. {CAPTION}

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