Day 15: Trail of 100 Giants

Day 15: Trail of 100 Giants

We woke up to clouds in the sky. What a relief to finally see some weather! The persistent harsh sunlight had us wishing for rain for a change. We drove around Lake Isabella and traveled up Kern River towards Sequoia National Forest. The water level was high with strong rapids and trees partially submerged on either side of the river. Ubiquitous campsites made it obvious just how popular the Kern River region is for recreational use. 

The road became more curvy the farther up we went. It didn’t take long before I started feeling queasy. I’ve never had any reaction to motion sickness before. It must be from sitting in the back seat with Owen. I started dreading every switch back. Two third way to the Trail of 100 Giants I had to get out the car for a break and sit in the front seat instead. I can’t say it was a major improvement but we did make it to the trailhead without any incident. 

We gladly paid the $5 parking fee. The Trail of 100 Giant is a small paved path amoung large sequoias. We took our time walking the meandering path, breathing in the cool and moist air, reconstituting all the dried up pores on our bodies. Owen slept as we walked. I wanted him to breath in the mountain air as well.

The drive back to Lake Isabella wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be. We drove on the north side of the lake, then onto route 178 passing by Onxy, a town so tiny that you would most definitely miss it if you blinked. The Onxy General Store is said to be the oldest store in California.

Our goal was to get on 395 north and camp at somewhere on the eastern Sierra. The drive was long. The hours were short. Without an afternoon nap Owen was getting fussier by the minute. My stress level was once again on the raise. With the unrelenting sun beating down on us we relented to getting a hotel room in Line Pines rather than searching for a campsite. It was too hot and we were too tired. 

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