Day 21: Too Dam Hot!

Vegas is always hot this time of the year. I know that from first hand experience. But this week is not just hot, it is off the record hot! Daytime temperature is reaching 110, enough to bake in the car. With the weekend  and some convention coming on the stripe, hotel prices have skyrocketed. We checked out of Monte Carlo and got a much more affordable room at the Hoover Adam Lodge. I had made a brief visit to the area years ago. Both Lake Mead and the dam are fairly unremarkable in my book but since we’re here why not pay a visit. Of course we would not actually pay anything! I dropped Peter off at the dam for some pictures, turned the car around and picked him right up again. It was shocking how many visitors there were, especially with 100+ outside! Did the movie Transformers finally put this place on everyone’s to see list? 

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