It has been nearly a week since we came back from our SoCal trip. We are getting quality rest and settling into an easy routine. The three-hour time change from the west coast didn’t seem to have any effect on Owen. He continued to wake up at 6am for feeding and change. Peter usually walks him around the house for a bit before I get him to join me for a morning nap. My shoulders and hips are always hurting from having to sleep and nurse on my side each night. We tried to keep Owen entertained around lunch hours. He’s almost able to sit up on his own now! Today I noticed two of his bottom teeth are starting to come in. I stay with him from 2-4pm for afternoon nap. Evening hours comprised of tummy time, dinner, and bath. By 7:30pm it’s time to sleep again. 

Needless to say we are becoming restless. We started looking for our next outing before the plane even landed. The heatwave across the country this summer has been intense! 120 degrees in Phoenix even put flights on hold. With all the time spent in warm and dry climate lately we yearned for somewhere north, maybe Maine or Nova Scotia. However, with my return-to-work date inching closer, we have quite a number of things to figure out on the home front. So for now we plan to stick with a few local hikes when it is not scorching outside! 

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