One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary

It has been a year since we made that stop at New York City Hall. So much has happened in such a short time. We survived each other and even created a new life! I have to consider that a tremendous success. Despite the fact that we are fundamentally very different people we do share a lot of the same fundamental beliefs. We just come to them from opposite angles. Some days were hard but Peter always brought me coffee in the morning and I’m in a committed relationship with coffee.

We are both pretty low key when it comes to celebrating specially occasions, something I would really like to improve on for little Owen. I like the idea of having lively birthday parties for him. As for today, it just so happens that we got a last minute campsite reservation at the Assauteague National Seashore, a natural reserve on the Maryland shore just south of Ocean City. We’ve been meaning to visit the wild ponies there for sometime now, just never made the three and half hour drive. Reservations for drive-to and walk-to sites can fill up six months in advance but it’s easy to snatch an open spot if there is flexibility in travel dates.

On the way there we stopped by Crab Alley for a nice dinner. I needed to make up for the raw oysters I didn’t get to have while pregnant! All you can eat crab is the thing to do in this part of the country but I lack both the skills and patience to pick out crab meat! We had crab cake, crab dip and scallops instead. It was nice to sit out on the balcony with cool breeze from the sea. The food was also pretty good.

We took turns holding Owen and ate quickly so we could catch the sunset on the beach. We won’t be facing the right direction to see it but there would still be nice light for photos. 

We got to our campsite without any issue and was even able to use our annual pass to get into the park. The tentsite is a rather small spot right on the sand, across from the bathroom, without much flat area. We were able to find a better spot on the other side of the sand dune facing towards the ocean, away from the driveway, bathroom and other tents. It actually felt secluded since we couldn’t see anything other than the sandy beach from our tent.

I had read about bad mosquito problems in the park so I was very vigilant once we arrived. There are some conflicting discussions on whether or not to apply insect repellent on young infants. To be on the safe side I avoided on putting anything on Owen and just dressed him up in long sleeve shirt and pants. Peter had treated our tent with permethrin. Some people swear by it. I have yet to make up my mind. Fortunately there was a strong breeze from the ocean that made it hard for mosquitoes to hang around.

Peter once again set up the tent while I walked around with Owen in the Connecta carrier. Later on we made a very short walk over to the beach just in time for some perfectly lit photos. 

A herd of wild ponies came towards the beach as we turned back to our tent. I took Owen to see them but kept our distance. There are numerous warnings posted around the park on people being kicked or bitten by the ponies. We were worried about not being able to find them before we came out but the ponies have obviously adapted to being near people. They prefer to congregate where the campers are even though people are not supposed to feed them or leave food out. We kept all our food in the car and had nothing edible in our tent. The ponies came pretty close to us before moving on farther up the beach. It was neat seeing them lined up on the beach from our tent, almost magical in the evening light.

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