Mr. Owen Goes to Washington

Mr. Owen Goes to Washington

Baby Owen went to D.C. today to claim his Swedish citizenship. Just have to make sure he doesn’t accidentally become an Icelander. The two embassies are in the same building. They demanded that Owen makes a personal appearance at the embassy for the application process but the guy barely looked at him today! So disappointing since baby Owen has been working hard on his Swedish at home in preparation haha

Summer is becoming very miserable here. We were outside for a total of 15 minutes before heading back in AC again. We clearly need to figure something out soon so we are not constantly stuck at home!

Here I am breastfeeding in public again. Just to be sure Sweden is as progressive as they seem I did breastfeed inside the embassy. No one looked at me sideways. I feel bad for moms who are subjected to shame and ridicule for breastfeeding. Some even receive negative comments from family members at home! Fortunately I haven’t noticed any negative comments, either by luck or maybe people don’t want to mess with my look of mama bear confidence! Omg I would probably bite their head off.   It is sad that there is even a movement to “normalize” breastfeeding. It is such a natural and necessary thing! Feed the baby when it’s hungry! We’re trying to grow the next generation of humans! 

Here we are at the Indian buffet, teaching baby Owen to love all foods by example. It’s the Suzuki method 😉

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