A Summer Splash

A Summer Splash

“Wish I could pull off a short cut like yours!” Anyone can pull off any hair cut, all you need is a pair of scissors and get rid of all mirrors. Life gets a lots easier when you leave vanity out of the door. I was never one to lament about my hair. I can’t remember the last time I wore makeup. With the hike and the baby it just seemed easier without those things.

On most days I don’t think much about how I look anymore. My hair have gotten a bit longer since the cut and they stand up like Richard Simons with straight hair. That’s when my hair is freshly washed. Otherwise it’s just an incomprehensible mess. I get a little startled when I see my own reflection so I don’t look too much. 

I do, however, spend at least 20 minutes a day preemptively pulling out my hair so they don’t fall everywhere. They, of course, still do no matter how much I pull out.

We got up late this morning at 9:30. Our parents friends who have just moved into the neighborhood as makes if we want to get coffee in town center. Why not? We went straight there from bed and got a splash in the fountain instead of the shower.

Owen was pretty quiet all morning. We found him a couple of cute books in town. “Finding Wild” was particularly sweet, depicting a blond boy and dark hair girl searching for and experiencing natural hidden behind the concrete jungle. There was also a colorful and adorable fish book we loved. 

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