Kirkland, WA

We’re staying with a friend of mine in Kirkland for a couple of days so we decided to walk around the area a bit. Early morning coffee at Zoka was especially nice with the usual coffeehouse music in the background. Think of Jack Johnson and Ed Sheen. 

Buildings from downtown Seattle can be seen from the waterfront, along with mountains in the far distance. It’s a shame that there are too many private residences around the lake to allow for a continuous public walk path. There’s actually a tiny plot of land next to the water, a meter or two at most, called “Tiny Unnamed Public Park.” A sad reminder just how little public spaces are available in a capitalistic society. We observed the same thing around Lake Sammamish, a couple of neighborhoods over. It’s so bizarre to have such a sizable lake and yet not enough public access to actually see or enjoy it. The same can be seen around Big Bear in California, and I am sure countless lakes all around the country. The same thing is happening internationally as capitalism and investments spread overseas. I saw a program on how Jamaica is at a point now where the local island population no longer have any access to beaches due to resorts and privatization. How insane is that? 

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