A Musical Afternoon

A lady from our local Buy Nothing group responded to my request for music time for Owen and offered to sing to him. I am always happy to create new experiences and interactions for the baby. To make the occasion a positive one for everyone I diligently got Owen to nap from 1:30 to 3:30pm and arrived at the lady’s house at 4pm. A freshly rested and well fed baby is a happy baby! The house was in a quite residential neighborhood backed into to a wooded area. It felt serene and peaceful. I liked the wooden floor and neatly organized kitchen with small potted plants. We settled around the dinning table. The lady had her laptop out with a stack of music. She asked if it was ok to play along light accompaniment. “Anything you would like,” I said. I moved with Owen to a seat next to hers and we began. She started with a couple of songs she had been preparing for church choir, then moved onto some spiritual songs, and things she had worked on many years back. I didn’t recognize any except one, “Down to the River to Pray.” It didn’t matter. I held Owen and swayed to the music. We sat down; we stood up; she held his hands; we did jazz hands. Towards the end Owen started babbling along. It was the cutest thing. It made me happy. 

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