Day Two and Counting

Day Two and Counting

Owen wakes up at 6:30. Peter takes him to potty and makes coffee. I dose off until 7:30 then sit up in bed, nurse the baby, get dressed, grab my computer bag and coffee to head out the door. Peter had to remind me to take the pump.  There was no time or an ounce of care to wash my face or look at myself in the mirror. The mission is to get to work, pump milk and get back home.

Babies need 1 to 1.5 oz for each hour away from mom. I left home at 7:40am and got back at 5:10pm. I pumped exactly 9.5 oz at work over three sessions. It’s amazing how our bodies can do that. I don’t think Owen had quite yet figured out me leaving in the morning. He smiles when I give him kisses at the door. Peter said he started saying mama when he got hungry earlier during the day. He also kept repeating that all evening. Aww little cutie. It makes me sad that he misses mama during the day. 

Baby Owen had his first meal tonight, some mashed avocado with expressed milk. He seemed to have enjoyed playing with the spoon. 

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