Sunday Stroll

The Appalachian Trail passed through Virginia less than an hour west of us. We spent the afternoon on a little white blazin’ and a little snoozin’. It wasn’t a long hike since Owen got impatient in the back carrier soon after we started. We took him out for me to hand carry for a bit. The AT for the most part goes straight up and down. Flat ridge lines are rare (if they even exist). I only took a few step with Owen before I sled down on loose rocks and fell on my butt. Owen barely touched the ground and didn’t make any fuss. Peter carried him the rest of the way back to the trailhead. We dodged acorns as they fell all around us. The baby fell sound asleep. His little face looked so peaceful. My favorite season is making its way here. 

We even found a little painted rock someone left on the trail. It was a delightful find even though it goes against Leave No Trace. Life is sweet!

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