Baby and Injera!

Baby and Injera!

End of week three of back to work! But who’s counting right?

The downside of working from home sometimes is that I can’t storm into my boss’ office and scream “I QUIT!” So we went to our favorite Ethiopian place for dinner. 

Owen made some funny faces during his first injera bread experience. He gagged a little trying to swallow a piece. It’s perfectly ok. Babies have a very sensitive and forward gag reflex to actually protect them from swallowing and chocking on solids. They also intuitively push out foreign things in their mouth. These are small signs that they are not completely physically ready to actually eat. They will eventually grow out of these reflexes. It’s the same reaction when you see people feed small babies grinded up cereal and purée. The parent shovels the stuff in the baby’s mouth. The baby pushed it out. The parent scraps it around their mouth with a spoon and puts it back in. I have no interest in doing that or giving Owen any cereal. 

We’re not in a hurry to feed him anything, just pieces of food here and there to play with. Breastmilk is the most nutritious thing a baby can have for at least the first year. It has the most calories for growth and antibodies to support the baby’s immature immune system. Breastmilk can also be easily digested and fully absorbed by a baby’s immature digestive system with the least amount of problems like gas and constipation. I felt terrible when a mom told me they had to try many different formulas due to the fact that she had low supply and the baby had intolerances. She tried to get as much donor milk as possible since it’s the only thing her baby can take without getting upset stomach. We are lucky to have been doing well with breastfeeding. I intend to keep going with it for as long as it’s beneficial and everyone is happy. Of course, we will slowly introduce solids and let him have fun exploring and tasting his food. 

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