Morning Commute

I’m delighted that today’s morning commute took exactly the length of Beethoven’s third piano concerto. Not so delighted that I got rare ended during the second movement. I felt and heard a bump from behind. My neck jerked forward and backward from the impact but I didn’t hit anything. The back bumper got a scratch and the offending vehicle smashed its VW logo. The car is no big deal but I definitely felt a slight neck strain. It felt more noticeable later in the day so I made an appointment with the chiropractor. The driver in the other vehicle didn’t say much. We exchanged our information and quickly rejoined the traffic. I didn’t feel like making a big deal if everyone is ok. I’ll just keep an eye on my neck in the next few days.

Frankly I have been expecting this since I started to drive to work this fall. Nothing good ever comes from rush hour bumper to bumper traffic. The constant stop and go makes this kind of accident almost unavoidable. It took me 50 minutes to drive home from work this afternoon. Combined with morning commute, that one and half hour of wasted time and energy. I used to not mind driving but I can’t unwind in DC traffic especially knowing I’ve got to rush home to feed the baby. There is no music or podcast that can make this kind of driving relaxing. It would be really good to put an end to all this.

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