Pain in the Neck

Getting rear ended is a pain in the neck, figuratively and literally. I felt a jolt when the car hit me from behind. The impact wasn’t forceful since the other driver was in the process of and very close to stopping. Still, I felt drained and unable to focus all morning. My neck stiffened up as the day went on. By 3-4pm I knew I had to make an appointment to see the chiropractor.

I worked from home today and drove over to my appointment this afternoon during a conference call. Not exactly the kind of driving I would promote but I was at least hands free on speakerphone. The appointment took way longer than usual due to the auto accident. It’s a standard practice to conduct an overall assessment to determine any injury, misalignment, and restriction in range of motion. My neck was so out of whack I was hardly able to turn from side to side. The adjustments were short but effective. I felt more upright and centered afterwards.

I might have let it go if the damage was just the car. However, with medical service involved I had to file an insurance claim for any potential reimbursement. Thankfully both the driver and his insurance company were responsive. Hopefully I’ll soon resolve both the car and neck issue.

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