Hamax No Mas

Peter likes his bike like every other Scandinavian out there. Obviously it’s only matter of time before he takes Owen out for a ride. Unfortunately now is not the time. I got a Hamax carrier that attaches to the frame of the bike. The two major problems are: 1- Owen is too short for the harness and 2- there is a bit of give where the poles go into the lock so the seat can move even when the bike is stable. The thing is covered with little Norwegian flags. So much for “Scandinavian safety!” It’s well made overall but not a good fit for us right now. Still, baby O looked super cute in it. Even more funny when Peter is riding. The baby is only up to his butt level and tries pull on his shirt when he’s on the bike. Too bad we couldn’t go for a ride with our friends this afternoon. They recently got a bike trailer for their 14 months old. It looked great! We’ll have to reassess when Owen gets a bit older.

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