Crabs Crabs Crabs

Crabs Crabs Crabs

We’re told crab is the thing to eat here in Virginia, specifically Chesapeake blue crabs. With my parents visiting this weekend we thought it would be a great experience for the whole family. Owen can sort of entertain himself in a high chair now, which makes it possible for us to eat with both hands.

The restaurant closest to us with such crab fest required reservation for crabs, not people. There are plenty of tables and chairs, but jumbo crabs are in short supply. I called the restaurant again just before we left to confirm our crabs are being prepared and will be ready for when we get there at 5:30pm. Baby O only has so much patience for each outing like this. It’s important to do everything I can to optimize our time out.

The crabs didn’t disappoint. It’s a lot of work but well worth it. Baby O liked playing with his little hammer. He also seemed eager to try our food. I gave him a few small chunks of crabmeat. The little guy didn’t want to stop once he got a taste of it. He kept pulling on Peter’s shirt and my arm for more. The restaurant got increasingly busy and loud as time went on. By the time we got done eating around 7pm, Owen was clearly getting tired and fell fast asleep on the way home.

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