Letting go of things. We donated bags of unopened cereal we purchased for our thru hike to the local homeless shelter, along with cleaning supplies and other small things on their donation list. We donated clothes to the Good Will. I gave away all sorts of things on our Buy Nothing group. I drove to meet a man with two jobs to give a Christmas book to his kids. I volunteered to take photos of a mom with two daughters because for various reasons she’s never had professional photos taken with her girls. I’m no professional but I try to help.

Today we released rocks I’ve collected from various trips. I can’t recalled where exactly I gathered most of them, except for a few I recognize from Iceland. I can’t justify any reason to detain them inside any longer or why I even picked them up in the first place. I recall taking a small stone from Peru and placing it in a rock field on my way to Everest Base Camp. I amuse myself with the thought of some geologist discovering these misplaced rocks years from now and theorizing how they got there. So today, we released the rocks from Iceland near the playground where we take Owen to in the evenings. I hope they like their new home.

On the way to freeing the rocks we also ran into everyone we know in the neighborhood. I informed them of our move even though none are close friends of ours. I’m of the kind of person who wonders what happened to people when they suddenly disappear. Even people I don’t know, maybe a cashier I’ve seen a few times at a store. I wonder what happened to them, if they moved, got a new job, a new family, if they’re well and if they’re happy. I’m the kind person who wonders. So to put my own mind at peace in case anyone else wonders the way I wonder, I shared our move with everyone.

We ran into another new mom who works at the same company as I do and had her baby later this spring. “Today was my first day back to work,” she said with a sorrowful tone. “I cried so much this past weekend.” How was your baby at the daycare? He seems to be doing ok. I tried my best to focus on the positives. It’s hard. I understand. We are infinitely lucky. I understand that also.

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