The Move

Our move went smoothly today. I had packed and organized everything the best I could for the movers. Having done corporate moves twice previously I had some ideas on how to make things go fast on moving day. True enough, a team of six guys showed up just before 10am and I signed the manifest by 2pm. I didn’t stay around to watch them pack and load. Instead I took Owen back to the hotel for his morning nap, then we went to get lunch near Town Center and I even got a hair cut! I so desperately needed it! It’s the first one since my buzz cut in May. By the time we got done the apartment was near empty. Peter took Owen out for a walk for his afternoon nap while I wrapped everything up with the movers. By 3pm we were on our way to the car repair to swap the rental for our car. It had been in the shop for the last couple of days to get a bumper replacement for that small accident I had a couple of weeks ago. Our car now look brand new again! They even gave it a good wash and cleaned the interior too. We were happy as clams and went out for oysters for dinner. On the way there we saw two signs that seemed fitting for the occasion.

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