Other People’s Toys

Took baby O to story time at the central library again today. The little guy is still doing everything except participating in story time. It doesn’t bother me. At this age he should be exploring on his own and doing whatever perks his interest. On a scale of things that hold his interest from most to least are: strangers, other kids, their toys, public toys, random things, and his own toys.

This boy doesn’t know stranger danger. His favorite thing to do when we’re out is to climb on people, anyone sitting in the floor or near him. I haven’t seen any other babies do this at all the different baby events/play areas. My mom said he must have gotten that from me. I was super extroverted as a child. Owen also likes to play with other kids’ toys. But I think this is more common with little ones. The best toy is always the one not immediately available to them. For this very reason I’ve been trying to not purchase many big item toys and take Owen out to play areas instead. Owning something seems like a sure way for him to loose interest in it.

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